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    Stem Cell Therapy

    May 15 2017

    Stem Cell therapy has been successfully used in humans for decades. With our specially trained staff and stem cell technology, your pets can now benefit from this astoundingly successful treatment…
  • balinese_cat

    The Balinese Cat

    Feb 17 2016

    Despite their name, the Balinese cat does not originate from Indonesia. This breed was selectively bred from a line of siamese cats for long-haired coats and are also known as the…

  • poisonous holiday plants to pets

    Poisonous Holiday Plants – Holiday Pet Safety

    Dec 21 2015

    Animals will often chew plants to get some roughage. For dogs this is because they are omnivores and actually enjoy plant foods. Plant roughage can be a good source of vitamins…

  • dog and boy running

    Labor Day Notifications & Pet Safety Tips

    Sep 02 2015

    It’s the last long weekend of summer! Please note that we will be closed all day Monday September 7th. I wanted to take a moment and give you a few…

  • acadia vet clinic

    Shaving your dog’s coat – should you or shouldn’t you?

    Aug 20 2015

    We love this article from Albert North Veterinary Clinic so much we’ve decided to feature it on our website! Read on below for information on how your dog’s coat keeps…

  • doberman pinscher featured breed acadia vet clinic saskatoon

    The Doberman Pinscher

    Jul 18 2015

    The Doberman is an athletic German dog whose temperament can usually be described as strong willed, proud, driven, stubborn and determined. These dogs are considered to be one of the…

  • Featured pet: cockatiel

    The Cockatiel

    Dec 04 2014

    The name “Cockatiel” is derived from the Dutch word “Kakatielje”, meaning Little Cockatoo. These birds are small parrots native to Australia. Cockatiels are a popular breed of companion bird as they…

  • avc

    The Bearded Dragon

    Oct 06 2014

    The Bearded Dragon is a medium sized lizard with a big name! The “beard” in their name refers to their ability to puff out and blacken the flap beneath their chin. They…

  • Rabbit care at acadia vet clinic saskatoon

    The Lionhead Rabbit

    Oct 04 2013

    The Lionhead has become increasingly popular over the past decade.. and rightly so! Who could resist this fluffy bunny? The ‘Lionhead’ gene (known as the ‘mane’ gene) is thought to…

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    The Pug

    Apr 10 2013

    The beloved Pug is a happy-go-lucky character with deep facial wrinkles and a curly ‘pig-like’ tail. This breed, with it’s round face and short muzzle, is classified as being ‘brachycephalic’…