The British Shorthair

By August 19, 2012Feline

The British Shorthair has been the most popular cat registered by UK’s  Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) since 2001. This breed of cat is easily recognized by it’s broad head and short, dense coat  which can be found in virtually any color and pattern including tortoiseshell, tabby, tricolor and color-point  The most popular and desirable color for quite some time has been the “British Blue”. Because of  their short and dense coats you will rarely find them with mats and tangles making grooming a breeze. This breed has a normal life expectancy of 14-20 years and can weigh between 5-10kg with the males being noticeably larger than the females.

Unlike most cats the British Shorthair is generally laid-back and can tolerate a fair amount of physical handling without hissing or scratching making them safe for children. The British Shorthair is considered low-maintenance and a good choice for people who are not home during the day as they require little attention, rarely act out in destructive behaviors and are quite content spending their days lazing around. This breed of cat  would rather sit next to you than on you and is not known to be very vocal, although they will  meow to communicate with their owners.

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