The beloved Pug is a happy-go-lucky character with deep facial wrinkles and a curly ‘pig-like’ tail. This breed, with it’s round face and short muzzle, is classified as being ‘brachycephalic’ which literally means ‘short head’ and refers to their flattened face and shortened nose. Because of their unique appearance, their throat and breathing passages are often flattened or undersized, making them sensitive to heat, cold and humidity. Brachycephalic breeds are most at risk for heat stroke. 

The pug is a moderate shedder and requires frequent cleaning of their facial wrinkles to keep them free of moisture and dirt. These cobby dogs are  are very affectionate to their human families and make entertaining companions who are sure to keep you laughing. The pug is found in two coat colors: fawn and black, and average 12-20 pounds. All in all, the Pug makes a wonderful companion and does well in apartment living as their exercise requirements are minimal. Like all dogs, Pugs require daily walks to fulfill their primal need to migrate and to keep them at a healthy weight.

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