The Lionhead Rabbit

By October 4, 2013Exotics

The Lionhead has become increasingly popular over the past decade.. and rightly so! Who could resist this fluffy bunny? The ‘Lionhead’ gene (known as the ‘mane’ gene) is thought to be a result of the cross-breeding of the Belgian dwarf and Swiss Fox in an attempt to create a long haired dwarf rabbit. The name ‘Lionhead’ comes from the fluffy mane of long, woolly fur around the animals neck, on the sides of it’s face and on the top of the head between the ears. Those who are double-maned have long hair that can be found on the flanks of the rabbit giving a it skirt-like appearance.

The Lionhead is typically a medium sized, compact rabbit with shorter ears that typically stand upright (although lop ears are possible), and come in many different sizes, colors and coat lengths. This rabbit is typically friendly and affectionate with it’s owners and they are often easily trained to use a litter box as well as some basic commands. Because of their long fur they should be groomed regularly to prevent mats and remove loose hair. It is important to brush out your Lionhead’s loose fur as they cannot bring up hairballs like cats and may develop an intestinal blockage if too much is ingested. Aside from grooming requirements, the Lionhead’s nutritional requirements as well as general care is the same as other rabbits.  If given proper care and a proper diets Lionheads can live to be anywhere between 7-9 years of age.

The internet is over-flowing with information about these beautiful rabbits – some of it is good while other sites can be misleading. We recommend!

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