The Bearded Dragon

By October 6, 2014Exotics

The Bearded Dragon is a medium sized lizard with a big name! The “beard” in their name refers to their ability to puff out and blacken the flap beneath their chin. They are active, entertaining, amusing, reasonably sized (adults are typically 18-20 inches), tame, hardy (they can live from 8 to over 12 years), and have great personalities. They tend to be easier to handle and care for than other lizards like iguanas, because they are more docile reptiles and tolerate being held well although there are always exceptions. Most bearded dragons do not bite or show any signs of aggression. They are easily the most commonly seen lizard at our clinic and are popular among people of all ages.

They can come in a variety of different morphs including normal (grey/brown), German giant (with males sometimes exceeding 24 inches), red/gold, sandfire (red/orange), tiger, striped, citrus, leather back, silky smooth, hypomelanistic (bleached appearance and clear toe nails), leucistic (grey-white), green, gold iris, and more morphs are emerging as Bearded Dragons are becoming one of the most popular pet reptiles.

Bearded Dragons are native to the arid desert regions of Australia, thus enclosures must be warm and dry. Bearded Dragons are omnivores and eat a variety of food including mustard greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, collard greens, romaine lettuce, some fruits and vegetables, super worms, waxworms, roaches, and crickets.Good hygiene is essential when handling Bearded Dragons, because, like other reptiles, Bearded Dragons can carry Salmonella. It is best to wash your hands both before and after handling a reptile. You do not want to expose your pet to anything on your hands that might be harmful, and you do not want to contract Salmonella after handling a reptile.

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