The Cockatiel

By December 4, 2014Exotics

The name “Cockatiel” is derived from the Dutch word “Kakatielje”, meaning Little Cockatoo. These birds are small parrots native to Australia. Cockatiels are a popular breed of companion bird as they are very intelligent, sociable, friendly and exotic-looking. They are a relatively small bird, measuring 12inches tall on average with a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Cockatiels have rounded beaks, long tail feathers, and come in a variety of color mutations, in patterns of yellow, grey, cinnamon and white. They can also be speckled, pure white or carry a crown of white head feathers. As pets, Cockatiels are very playful and love doing things just to get your attention.

They require time out of their cage as well as a variety of toys to keep their minds stimulated. Different textured perches and places to hide will also add interest to their environment and keep them happy. These birds can be very vocal and can learn to mimic sounds and speak. The Cockatiel loves to whistle and will sing a variety of songs at different times of the day and some will even greet you when you come home. They are not, however, loud and noisy when compared to their larger parrot counterparts. These birds do well in pairs and can be easily tamed, making great pets for first time bird owners.

While cockatiels are relatively healthy birds, they fear being unable to see things at night. Sudden sounds can spook them in the dark and cause them to experince what is referred to as “night frights” which almost looks like some sort of seizure with their wings flapping about. During a night fright, some feathers will often get damaged. If one of these happen to be a blood feather, try to remain calm and remove it. Call us if there is any bleeding that does not stop within a minute or two.

Pellets and seeds should make up the majority of your birds diet but be sure to provide fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Since vitamin A deficiency is frequently found in cockatiels, providing your bird with vegetables that have a high amount of vitamin A or Beta-Carotene is an important part of keeping them healthy. Foods high in vitamin A include carrots, leafy green vegetables, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin.

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