March 20th 2001 – May 8th 2014

PandaBear and her sister Bella

PandaBear and her sister Bella

This is PandaBear, a beautiful polydactyl bi-color cat who turned 14 years old this year on March 20th. Throughout her 14 years she’s struggled with diabetes and re-occuring bladder infections, all of which were promptly noticed by Panda’s loving owner and brought to our attention for treatment. Panda’s owner has shown an level of dedication and concern for her beloved cat ‘s health that has impressed us all.

PandaBear Steinhauer

Over the last few months Panda has been receiving palliative care in the form of regular at-home class IV laser treatments with our technicians along with medication to alleviate her pain. We are all so sad to see her go.The photo to the right is of her receiving her last at-home laser therapy with our technician Sarah.