Dr Wickstrom tends to an sparrow fledgling

Dr Wickstrom tends to a sparrow fledgling







Acadia Veterinary Clinic is proud to be Saskatoon’s target veterinary clinic for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan (http://wrsos.org/). We see all sorts of injured critters (with some exceptions ex: Rabies Vector animals), but before you bring injured wildlife to us, please call the WRSOS and leave them a detailed message. The hotline is monitored by volunteers from 9am-9pm and you should expect a call within 1-2 hours. When a volunteer returns your call they will help you assess condition of the animal you have found and determine whether or not it requires Veterinary Attention. If the wildlife in your care requires Veterinary attention, a volunteer will contact our clinic to let us know what to expect.

If you have found an injured or orphaned animal, please call the WRSOS and visit their website. This page will take you to a list of commonly found animals in Saskatchewan and provide you with plenty of detailed, species specific information about them and how you can help. 

If you cannot bring the animal to us, arrangements can be made for a trained member of the WRSOS to transport the animal to our clinic.

WRSOS HOTLINE: (306)242-7177


  • It is illegal in Saskatchewan to keep most species of wildlife. Please refer to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Regulations for more information
  • Make sure any animal is truly orphaned before you try to help it. Visit this page
    to learn more about the animal you have found.
  • Do not try to feed or water any animal without first talking to a hotline volunteer or a veterinarian.
  • Many animals carry disease and parasites.  If possible, talk to a hotline volunteer before attempting to capture the animal.
  • Coyotes, foxes, skunks and bats should never be handled by the public.
  • In general, it is better to herd an animal into a box without handling it.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan (WRSOS) is a registered non profit organization that is committed to educating the public about wildlife issues, providing rehabilitation and ensuring the return to the wild of rescued, injured and truly orphaned wildlife.